The HUGE Benefits of Shooting in RAW – Prologue

Over the coming weeks, I intend to write some articles on the finer points and benefits of shooting your pictures in RAW format.

I do not profess to be an expert in this area, far from it. The reason behind my meanderings and musings is the fact that I always allowed the camera to do the processing for me. I never felt confident enough to trust my prized images to a new format to me. This may have been fear of losing or damaging the images, or possibly a lack of confidence in using the software.

I now shoot all images and occasions in RAW and have found that this is much more superior to JPG.

When you first shoot in raw, and compare it to the same JPG image, it is dissapointing. The JPG looks much better quality and you wonder what the point of the RAW format is. It is only when you investigate why the RAW image file is of a much greater size than the JPG that you start to realise.

The comparison I would make, which is my opinion and the way I find it easier to understand, is the JPG is the equivalent of sending your camera film to a mass, non specialist, photo processing company. They use a standard set of filters in the enlargement process, and make an average pleasing image from your raw materials. This may have a slight colour hue, varied vibrance etc, but it is an average pleasing image all the same.

Using a RAW image is more like having your own darkroom. A RAW image can be manipulated relatively quickly to give a much more pleasing look than a processed JPG image. The information held within a RAW file is primarily the image information rather than the image itself.

Over the next few weeks, I will show you examples and describe step by step how I process my Images from RAW.

Hopefully this will give you more confidence to use this much superior and non-destructive format.

Many of the images on my website at, and in the gallery on this blog have been processed from RAW images.

I hope this series is found useful.

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