The WEEE Man

The Weee Man

The Weee Man - The Eden Project Cornwall

I absolutely love this ‘construction’. The Weee Man is based at the Eden Project in Cornwall, and is a sculpture made entirely from waste electrical and electronic equipment. I feel the detail in this image shows the structure off to it’s full extent of ‘amazism’ (just made that amazing word up 😉

Very Iron Maiden.

Hope you like it.

Prints available in a variety of formats at



3 thoughts on “The WEEE Man

  1. I hope you don’t mind, but I have to ask, are you actually allowed to sell a print of someone else’s artwork? I would have thought it would be breach of copyright. Not really sure about this.

    • Thanks for the useful comment. I will post a seperate post in the fullness of time concerning copyright. Laws are complex. If I were to try and duplicate the sculpture itself, that would be an issue, but it is not an offence to take a photograph of a sculpture that is situated on public land, can be seen from public land or is in permanent residence somewhere the public have access to. If I created a sculpture of the sculpture, it would be a copyright offence. A photograph is considered an interpretation and is thus a seperate individual piece of art in it’s own right that can itself be copyrighted. I will go into more depth in my blog post at a later date. This applies to the UK. Unsure in other parts of the world.

      • I have done a lot of research about copyright myself. YOu are probably right. It is a tricky area. But I suppose if it is public space you can’t be stopped.

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