The Shed

Ooops. Been so busy the past couple of days, I have neglected to update my daily blog.

I love old abandoned buildings such as this. This is an old disused shed at the site of an old abandoned granite quarry in Cornwall.

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More Bright Red on Monochrome background. A Pair of Fire Extinguishers.

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Stay in Touch

Another selective colour ‘Red Fest’. The title of this image came to me before I had even thought about how to shoot the image. The proximity of the Red Telephone Box and Post Box, to each other just screamed out ‘Stay in Touch’ to me. Hope you like it.

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Rumblings – Where do I go from here?

The age old Artists questions.


Is my art good enough to sell?

Is it good enough to sell in the quantities I need to live?

How do I go about marketing my prints?

Where do I sell prints successfully online?

As you can tell, I love my art, but is that where it should stay? I want to share my work with the world, but need to dedicate more time. Is it feasible, or even good enough, for me to dedicate more time, to the detriment of my ‘day job’ and still have an income? I only earn around £700 per month, so it is not a huge amount, but needed all the same.

I am sure I am not the only person that has asked themselves this question, and am sure I wont be the last.


Any ideas of how to market my work, or wether to just keep it as a hobby greatly appreciated.

Jacob’s Sunset

This sunset will forever be known as Jacob’s Sunset, after my little lad. All he wanted to do this day was to go out and watch the sunset, such a simple request.

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Hidden Treasures

The landscape of Cornwall is littered with the remnants of it’s rich Tin mining Heritage.

This little Gem of an Engine House was found hidden in the Ivy and Foliage in the corner of a field. Hidden from view and hidden from the present day.

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Brightly Coloured Condoms

Another Picture that was originally taken as stock photography, but has generated interest as a print.

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Old Sunflowers


This group of dried, dusty sunflower heads really caught my eye. The monochrome treatment of this adds to the atmospheric quality of the shot.

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This is funny :-)

Random Funny Clip LOL


Shooting In RAW Part 2 – Getting down to it.

We are now going to take a look at what we can do with a RAW Image, using Basic adjustments and settings.

Set your camera to shoot in RAW, or RAW and JPG if you prefer and are worried about losing the shot (though this is not really necessary and will take up much more memory on your card)

Open your image in your RAW software. This can either be the software that came with your camera or another package. I am going to be using photoshop, but the Basic Adjustment settings should be similar.

This is the RAW image that I will be using for this excercise

In the following image, I have increased the Clarity setting to bring out the detail, and have adjusted the Blacks and Contrast settings to give me the desired effect. I have also added a little fill light to bring out some detail in darker areas.

As you can alredy see, the sharpness and the detail in this image have improved greatly, but the image is still looking very washed out, so I am now going to take a look at the Vibrance and Saturation sliders.

By increasing Saturation in small amounts, and the vibrance in larger amounts, you can really start to bring the image alive.

I chose a particularly poor image to highlight the benefits of these sliders. On your own images, the adjustments may only need to be very subtle.

Take an image, and play around with these sliders, you can see how much difference there is from using just a few small and very quick adjustments.

In part 3, we will look at some of the other basic settings and what they do, I will also explain how the settings we have used today work, to give such rapid results.


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