About Us

Welcome to Thelongwayround Photography.

Primarily, Thelongwayround Photography consists of the Photographic Artist, Paul Howarth.

Paul, although born and bred in Manchester, would class himself as a Cornish Photographer, as he has lived in this beautiful County for the majority of his life. Photography became important very early on in his life. Memories of ‘needing’ a Kodak TeleEktra 110 film camera at around the age of seven are still very vivid. The invent of the cartridge 110 format making film photography a much easier opportunity for children to get involved in photography, though looking back at some of the images in the old photo albums, makes you wonder why you just didn’t sketch the scene and colour it in.

Photography has come a long way since then, and so has Paul. During his late teens, Paul dabbled with Wedding Photography, and shot other events such as christenings and parties, to make money. He was not happy with his work during this period, as it felt very ‘samey’, and he felt it stifled his creativity a great deal. He was much happier when not working, venturing out into the city or countryside with his trusty Minolta 7000i Dynax and Pentax SF7, allowing himself the time to be artistically creative.

Shooting mainly with Nikon Digitals now, Paul does not make a living from his photography. he shoots what he wants, and what he finds pleasing. Thankfully others find his images pleasing also, hence the development of this blog, and the website at www.thelongwayroundphotography.co.uk. Paul, in no way, professes to be a professional photographer, more of a happy amature, rarely sticking to the rules, but shooting some very pleasing images. He also enjoys photomanipulation, and uses Photoshop to it’s fullest extent when the opportunity arises. With this in mind, prints of his images are for sale in a variety of formats, but he is very aware that he is not going to make his riches with photography, but feels he will die a poor and happy man 🙂

We hope you enjoy this blog, and take time to look at the website, you never know, something may catch your eye that you wish to purchase either for yourself or as a gift.

To keep up to date with our ‘goings on’, please feel free to sign up to this blog, the newsletter on the website, or both.

Many thanks for looking.


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